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Baby Lange

My site has been ABANDONED…but my Instagram has been blowing up with baby photos (sorry…not sorry, lol)!  View full post »

Ayden’s Baptism

My adorable nephew decided to get baptized into the Church of Latter Day Saints this year, so we took some time to doView full post »

The Garden

As I’ve talked about before…this year has been much different than previous years in my business. View full post »

I’m on Instagram!

I don’t always have my DSLR camera with me, but I usually have my iPhone…and I’m addicted toView full post »

What 2013 will bring

Usually, every new year starts out the same for me.  I start by going over the goals I’ve written down in theView full post »

Hasta Luego!

No, I have not been brushing up on my Spanish…but I am currently on a plane to MEXICO!!  For the next week youView full post »

Fall in Utah

Fall is the absolute best season of all.  That’s just FACT.  And Fall in Utah is absolutely gorgeous!  I had aView full post »

Utah Photographer for Romney/Ryan 2012

I’m not one to get into heated debates about politics. Everyone has different views. That’s what is soView full post »

Please bare with me…

I may be slow in the next few weeks getting back on my regular editing schedule & returning correspondence.  MyView full post »

My “kids” {Utah Photographer}

When you’re a Photographer, you often are so busy from Spring to Fall doing editing, shooting & networking toView full post »

Grandpa’s Green Thumb {Utah Photographer}

When I was growing up, I would tell others about where my Grandparents lived, and their usual response was, “Oh,View full post »

Summer Fires {Utah Photographer}

Earlier this summer Utah was plagued with forest fires like many other states.  And while it made for some absolutelyView full post »

UHS Class of 2002 Reunion

I can NOT believe we have been graduated for 10 years. It doesn’t seem possible! We had such a fun time seeingView full post »

Happy Anniversary to my best friend…my husband.

I’m so lucky to get to be with my very best friend each and every day.  Sure…we have the days whereView full post »

Dear Mom…

I know a lot of people say how they have the most amazing mother in the world…and while that may be true to them, it isView full post »

Spring Photography class by Tonya Peterson

I have a lot of people tell me that they want to learn how to use their camera’s better.  But you can’tView full post »

Something fun…

Just a fun little moving image that I’ve been working on.  Enjoy!  View full post »

Saying goodbye.

It’s such a hard thing to say goodbye to someone you love.  To someone that has been with you for your entireView full post »


I was sitting in my regular warm and cozy spot at my Grandma & Grandpa’s house one day, chatting with GrandmaView full post »

Happy Easter

Although Easter isn’t “officially” today…my family-like many others-took today to get together,View full post »