Cheers & Jeers: Evernote/Wall Street

I can’t even believe today is the FIRST DAY of 2011!!  While I’m not looking forward to accidentally still writing 2010 on every piece of paper I sign for the next 2-3 weeks while my mind adjusts, I am super excited to implement some new things this year on the blog and in my business, and I hope you all love them too!  The fist little tid-bit of changes is with these posts which will be gracing these pages now and then…

This is the first installment of MANY Cheers & Jeers posts on the blog!  In these posts I will share somethings that I think is pretty awesome and something (or many things) I’m not such a fan of.

Anyone that knows me or has seen my desk(s) will understand just how much I love post-it’s.  I think they’re one of the greatest inventions ever!  I love all the season’s of colors/shapes & I always have to stop to see if any “new” ones have come out every time I visit Staples (yes, that’s one of my favorite stores in town).  While in Las Vegas last year with our friends, I picked up a pad of post-it’s that had a pair of sun glasses on them and they said “check this out”.  I’ve since learned that I think those ones are FAR more funny than everyone else does…oh well 😉 While I love post-it’s almost as much as my pup’s, Coop & Jinx…I also have a small hate for them.

I have a thought, or run onto something and I immediately grab a pen and find one of my umpteen-million post-it pads laying around and start scribbling.  Now, fast-forward 2 months down the road, and I’ve “cleaned off my desk” during those months & stuck them in a drawer because I can’t stand the “clutter” of looking at them stuck all over.  So, what’s the point?  Why do I even write anything down on them?

My Post-it rehab enters from stage right: Evernote!  If you have my same problem, or have a ton of stuff running through your head and need to just GET IT OUT so you can relax for a while…download this app (for your computer/iPod/iPad/Mobile device/access it online).  I have this on my iMac, my iTouch, my iPad, my Blackberry-which will soon be an iPhone when AT&T takes over here, and I’m absolutely LOVING it!  You can enter notes/ideas anywhere and sync them all together!  So excited to implement this and get rid of my stack of post-it’s!!

D & I had a movie night via Pay-Per-View on Monday, and we chose to watch Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.  Now…maybe if I were into stocks or investing money for that matter, I would have liked and followed it better but when most of the lines in the movie are lingo that only broker’s understand, then you’re audience shrinks TREMENDOUSLY.  I’m sure my buddy Louis LOVED this movie, as he use to be stock broker on Wall Street in NY.  Also, the fact that the Gordon Gekko’s daughter agrees to have a relationship with him AGAIN at the end of the movie just makes me want to smack her.  It’s like those horror movies when the girl is running away from the murderer screaming like a moron in high-heels, then trips and falls, then crab-crawls backwards like they’re REALLY going to get away from their imminent doom that way….makes for a good laugh anyway!

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