Fall in Utah

Fall is the absolute best season of all.  That’s just FACT.  And Fall in Utah is absolutely gorgeous!  I had a few chores to do up at the farm yesterday while D was scouting for his upcoming elk hunt, so I took along our pup’s so they could run around like a couple of toddler’s on a sugar rush.  After I had completed the couple little things I needed to do, I dragged my nephew’s 50cc dirt bike out of the shed and fired it up.  Now, just close your eyes, and envision one of those trained circus monkey’s on a mini-bike, and you will in a sense understand what I must have looked like riding that little thing.  I’m glad no one else had to witness it except the dogs.
Nevertheless, I hopped on and through the gears I went!  Once the dogs saw me scooting at a whopping 10 mph down the dirt road, they were on my heels in a flash running their little hearts out and loving it.  As we rode/ran up the the top of the farm, I realized how much yellow was on the tree line, and how many leaves had already fallen.  It’s so peaceful up at the tree line, and the view is absolutely gorgeous.  So, I popped out my iPhone and took a couple panorama’s to share:
I hope one day soon, my parents will be able to find a house plan they LOVE and build it here.  Then we won’t be too far away after we get our new home built!

A breeze picked up as a storm front blew in, and the leaves began to fall like snowflakes on a stormy December night.

So, the pups and I plopped down on the ground and enjoyed the beautiful view, the sound of the dry leaves falling to the ground, and the smell of the storm rolling in.

Fall is such a busy time for Photographer’s, and often we get so overwhelmed by our schedules, editing, networking, blogging, posting, and 100 other tasks that are going on in the background that we don’t take time to enjoy this beautiful season for ourselves.  I was lucky to get to spend the afternoon with my “kiddo’s” and just enjoy what life has to offer.

To other Photographer’s out there…take a day to stop and smell the…leaves ;)!  The work can wait 1 day to make memories with your family as well.

…and for those of you wondering what the heck is up with my red pup’s coat, yes, he has a couple pretty awesome bald spots (on both sides in fact).  No, he isn’t sick.  He just has a type of alopecia that makes his hair fall out along his flank on both sides.  It doesn’t seem to bother him, so it doesn’t bother us either.  He’s still beautiful to us!


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