Do you travel for sessions?
Of COURSE I travel!  Contact me to discuss your needs.

What exactly is the “Proof Disk”?
The Proof Disk has all your edited images on it (correct color & exposure adjustments if any were needed, and any stylistic editing that is consistent with my brand of images).  These images are full resolution, and they have not been completely retouched for any detailed skin repair & stray hair removal.  Any files that are ordered as prints through my professional lab will be put through my next phase of complete retouching before it goes to print.  You will have access to that retouched photo on your disk (if you pick your disk up after you order prints), or it will be uploaded to an online gallery where you may download it free of charge.

Do you photograph solo newborn or maternity photos?
No I don’t, but I have a fantastic group of local photographer’s that DO and I am more than happy to send your their information!  Simply contact me for details.  If you would like to book a Family Session with me after your new baby is born, I’m more than happy to book a family session for you, but it is important to note that it will be done outdoors.  During the family session we will of course get some beautiful photos of your new baby with you, as well as by themselves.

Do you photograph solo toddlers?
This is somewhat the same situation as the newborn & maternity photos answer above….there are some amazing toddler photographer’s around that I would be more than happy to send you their information if you’d like to book a solo session for JUST your toddler.  I do, however, photograph your toddler if you book a Family Session with me.  During that outdoor session we will get plenty of different pictures of all of your family together, as well as each child by themselves.

What type of products & services do you offer?
I offer all sorts of products from your photo session!  Some of the usual products that are ordered by my clients are prints, canvases, framed prints & float wraps.
Some of the more unusual products that I offer are stone photo coaster’s, bag tags & coffee mugs (among MANY other things).

What are “Fusion” video’s and services?
Fusion is a term coined that in-short means video+still images.  This is a service I’m starting to offer in 2012 and is either included in your package, or can be added on.  During your session, I will not only be photographing you, but will also be taking HD Video clips of you as well.  After the session these video clips & still images will be combined into an amazing video for you to enjoy on your computer, and will also be on DVD for you to watch and share on your television.
Here is a sample fusion video I shot of my ADORABLE nephews:

In the Basin, Fusion services are only offered by Lacy Lange Photography.

Capture not only beautiful portraits for your walls.  Capture beautiful video of your life in action!

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