Happy Easter

Although Easter isn’t “officially” today…my family-like many others-took today to get together, have some great food, and throw some eggs around.  Every year, we get together with our extended family at our farm and have some fun.  This year was no exception-we had a blast.  Now, although I’m no longer a little tike (although if you ask D, I act like I’m 5 at least 2 times a week) I still love the thrill of acting like a kid any chance I get.  When I was a kid and would go with Dad to our farm, and I would usually bug him to ride the horse.  This is one of MANY reasons, I’m sure, that my nickname was Pester.  Now, anyone that has been around horses much understands how much time it takes to get a horse ready to ride.  You have to catch him (and when I was little…you had to be SNEAKY to catch Dad’s horse, Buddy), saddle him, bridle him, and then Dad usually had to ride him around for a few minutes to make sure I wouldn’t have an impromptu rodeo when I climbed on.  Needless to say, when you’re just running to the farm to feed cows, you don’t exactly have time to do all that, PLUS have the time to actually ride the horse.

Now-a-days, I’ve got my own 1200 pound over-grown “child” that lets me crawl on his back and totes me around.  Meet Mose (yes, like Moses…but without the last S).  Much thanks to my mother-in-law who tricked me-I’ve had him since he was 2 years old, and on the 16th of this month he had his 5th birthday!  3 years ago, she told me she needed help picking out a new horse and asked me to go along with her to Spanish Fork to look at some horses that were coming up from Delta.  We rode out there, and looked at a Dunn & two Palomino’s.  She made me crawl on this 2 yr old Dunn Gelding (I was scared to death since the last horse I had that looked like him had bucked me off…and that one was 8!).  I didn’t push him very hard because I had ZERO confidence on a horse at the time, but I could tell he would be an awesome horse.  At 2 yrs of age he was unbelievably respectful and responsive to bit pressure as well as leg pressure.  I loved him at once!  As she was riding around on one of the Palomino’s, I told her that she needed to get the Dunn.  He would be perfect.  I told her she needed to ride him and feel how light he was, but she said, “Nope, I trust you.  If you say he’s the one, then he’s the one!”.  The trainers that had raised Mose since he was orphaned at 6 days old (Jade) & his wife (Leslie) talked us through all his training that they’d done on him, and the story of why his name was Mose.  As we took him out to load him in the trailer,  I could tell by Jade’s slumped posture, hands in his pockets and the innate way he watched Mose that he was sorry to see this little 2 yr old go.  As my mother-in-law wrote out the check for this horse and handed it over, she turned to me and said, “Well, are you ready to take your new horse home?”.  I was stunned.  Surely I hadn’t heard her correctly.  Maybe I actually HAD fallen off the horse and knocked myself out and this was all a dream or something.  I’m sure I looked as shocked as I felt.  I couldn’t believe she’d done this for me.  For the first time in my life I’d had a horse of my OWN.  Not Dad’s old roping horse…not a horse that we’d adopted from an Uncle.  MY VERY OWN HORSE.  It’s every girls dream.  It’s once in a lifetime that you have a connection with a horse the way I do with him.  He can feel my emotions, and I swear he can read my mind.  He amazes me.  I haven’t been on him but once this Spring, and today I thought I’d see what he’d let me do with him so I moved him over to the fence (obviously I can’t just hop onto him because he’s freakishly tall), and jumped onto him without a saddle or bridle.  As I hopped onto him, I could hear my heart pounding in my ears.  I expected him to throw a bit of a fit.  I expected to be laying on the ground next to him after a hop or two, but he just walked out like he’d done this every day for a year.  Thanks to Mose, I’ve got my confidence back.  We’re a team, and we will be for a very long time.


Thank you to my Aunt Tam & my Mom for grabbing my camera and taking a couple pictures of me and Mose’r together.


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  • Nichole - May 2, 2011 - 2:34 pm

    Ok so when I lose weight we need to go out and ride and take pics of each other!ReplyCancel

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