I’m going to Jail!

Ok, not really…but I needed to jolt you because I need your help. I’m not really going to Jail, but four members of the F.I.L.M. Board of Directors will be held in the Marion, IN jail to participate in a Jail & Bail Fundraiser TOMORROW, JUNE 16th!!! If you follow my Facebook Page, you’ll remember me posting about how I got accepted to be a part of the F.I.L.M. Project! F.I.L.M. stands for: Family Images for Lasting Memories. This Project is AMAZING!

F.I.L.M. donates professional family portraits to cancer patients through a network of volunteer photographers nationwide. We believe that in sharing our gifts, we can inspire healing, faith, and hope to these families during their most fragile times.

I have been accepted as one of their Volunteer Photographers, and I could not be more honored. This Project is just getting off the ground and to be honest, we need funds. To be able to pay for the art that these families will receive free of charge, it takes money – even though the labs that will be giving these pieces are doing it at the bare minimum to cover their costs. Every penny collected will be going to the Project to help these families.

To donate, you may either contact me via phone (435-828-7818) and make arrangements of how much you’d like to donate & in what form, or you may go directly to the F.I.L.M. page and click the “Donate” button and donate with your Paypal account. If you do it that way, please either call or text me and let me know how much you’ve donated through their direct site so I can put it down on my fundraising sheet. Any little bit helps get us closer to being able to accept more families into this project. No matter if you donate $1 or $1000, it is ALL very much appreciated! Our goal for the entire fund raiser nationwide is to raise $10,000!

I have pledged to raise $500 for F.I.L.M. – AND I NEED YOUR HELP!


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