Mike & Jaisha {Utah Wedding Photographer}

It seems like only yesterday that I was constantly at a beige house across the street from the baseball fields yelling at my best friend’s little brother for something he’d done.  What he’d done, I couldn’t tell you now, but nevertheless…we were bickering.  I never had a little brother, but you’d never know that by listening to him and me.  We might as well have been siblings as well.  I love him like the little brother I never had, and I can HARDLY believe he’s grown up enough to be married!  He has grown into the most remarkable man, husband (and now, soon to be father), and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

I didn’t have the pleasure to get to know Jaisha before their Wedding, but she is such an elegant, classy & kind girl, and I know exactly why her and Mike were drawn to each other.  As I spoke with my BFF, Ashley (Mike’s older sister) she had commented that Jaisha reminded her of me, and now having met Jaisha, that is a HUGE compliment!  She reminds me so much of Audrey Hepburn it isn’t even funny!

They were married in the LDS Temple, and had a reception in a place that is dear to my heart.  Grandma Teddy & Grandpa Joe’s house.  I have been close with Mike’s grandparent’s for a LONG time.  They have been relative neighbors of my family, and also the grandparents of my very best friend, and I also use to babysit another grand daughter of theirs at their home as I grew up.  I’ve always held them close to my heart, and still to this day  I call Teddy, “Grandma”.  She will always be a Grandma to me.

Please excuse the photo overload…but this is after all, my “little brother’s” wedding 😉

The day started of absolutely beautiful….then, the little black rain clouds came.  And they POURED…

But the storms didn’t last long, and the sun came shining through like nothing had happened, and the day went off without another hitch.

So glad I was able to share this beautiful reception with you guys!  XOXO, Lacy

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