Our FIRST Smug Meetup!

Watch for these cards to pop up around town.  If you’re interested in joining us, grab one!!!

(If you want some to display somewhere, let me know!)

We had our VERY FIRST Smugmug meetup last week, and it was AWESOME!! The one and only Mr. Scott Jarvie came out to chat with us and he did an awesome job!  Our meeting was about the Smugmug company & how it has revolutionized his business (and his blogging!).  I’ve been a member of Smugmug for a little while now and I thought I knew a lot about it…until Scott showed me things I didn’t even know could be done!

I’m so excited to have this Smugmug Group launching in our area.  If you are interested in stepping up your game with your photography, or just want to learn more about it (and the business side as well), please consider joining us….YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A SMUGMUG MEMBER, AND IT’S FREE TO COME (NO STRINGS ATTACHED, I SWEAR)!  These meetups will happen once a month in Vernal and the details of each meeting will be on our meetup.com site (so go sign up and join our group on there!).  You can also follow me on Twitter & I will send a tweet here and there and a reminder-tweet before every meeting!  At each meeting, we will likely touch on a new feature of Smugmug, then will have a presenter talk on a photography-related subject.  In June (on the 16th) we have the amazing Vanessa Rae making the journey out from SLC (everyone should SERIOUSLY consider coming to this one-it will revolutionize the way you run your Photography business, or how you think of the Photo Industry!!).  We will likely have Tonya Peterson coming in July which will be awesome, and I’m stoked to announce that I’ve received confirmation from Brody Dezember to come out this summer as well.  If there is someone you would like me to try to get to come speak, let me know!!  It never hurts to ask them :).

Here’s what some people have said about our last meetup:

Nichole/Lazy C Photography:

“I have been using smug mug for a few years and I was very excited to see that we were able to organize a smugmug group in our rural area. I learned some new tools in utilizing my smugmug account at the first meet up and can’t wait for further education! I am looking forward to future group meetings! Thanks Lacy and Smugmug for making it happen :)”

Carol Gardiner-Hobbyist:

“Scott Jarvie was really fun and I was glad to learn about Smugmug. I had no idea what it was all about. I probably won’t use it (the Smugmug site) simply because I’m not into photography professionally or to make money at it. It’s just a hobby for me. But I hope to go to the website on occasion to admire the artwork of various photographers. I have always loved photography and would like to attend some of your workshops just to be able to learn more.”

Morgan (and Alison) Dudley/Dudley Photography

“I had just learned about smug mug a few weeks prior to finding out about the smug meeting so it couldn’t have come at a better time. It was great to meet and talk with the other photographers who came and I look forward to getting to know everyone better. I learned how smugmug can help my buisness in many ways and make many things I already do easier. This meeting was a great place to get me started and now that I have starrted with smugmug I know that there is soo much more to learn. Can’t wait for the next one! Thank you Lacy for putting this together.”

Kari Morris/Sweet Reflections Photography by Kari Morris:

“Smug Mug Workshop was a blast! Scott Jarvie is hilarious and informative! Being a “Newbie” at photography I was worried I wasn’t going to “catch on” or that I would “feel out of place” … I can’t wait to use smug mug for my clients and have a professional appeal to my images…Thanks Scott!”

“I thought it was great. Scott was so funny and so down to earth. A few things he talked about went over my head and WAY over my moms head, lol. I thought it was good how we were all able to visit with each other and give pointers for each other. I think these smugmug meetings will be great for the Uintah Basin! I was really glad to understand that there is a lot you can use smugmug for, and that your money you pay isn’t going to waste. I can’t wait for many more meetings!!!”
“I loved our smugmug meetup. Scott was awesome and was great about explaining the strengths of smugmug and the benefits of using it. It has definitely gotten me wanting to start using smugmug for my photography business.

If you were at the meetup and would like to see the fun pictures Jarvie took of you that look something like THIS:


Watch here and you will be able to buy a download copy for cheap, or he also allows you to use the logo’d image for free by right clicking and saving it 🙂


A huge THANK YOU again to Jarvie again for coming out to present to us.  You’re more than welcome to crash our SMUG when you’re in town anytime!

Also a GARGANTUAN Thank You goes to SMUGMUG for footing the bill for our Venue, Snacks & Helping us get some awesome educators in to help us all learn every month!  You guys are doing some awesome things for the Photography Industry all over the WORLD, and we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  THANK YOU!

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