Please bare with me…

I may be slow in the next few weeks getting back on my regular editing schedule & returning correspondence.  My apologies.  Our hearts are broken at the sudden loss of my husband’s little brother.  If ever you met someone that had diesel fuel running through his veins & a turbo installed in his brain, that would have been Zachy.  Just like his big brother/my husband, he never liked pictures, so when I wanted to get pictures of him, I suggested we go out to the Jensen Hills and he could ride his dirt bike while I snapped away.  You have no idea how much I cherish those memories now & the images from that session.

I was honored to be able to put together a tribute video for our Zachy.
Fair warning, there is a little cussing in the video…but if you know Zachy, that’s just who he was.

In the video you will see clips of his bright blue Powerstroke on the Dyno, which measures your horsepower.  The first afternoon he tested it, he was pushing 533 horse.  The next morning, he tested it again, and he pushed out an AMAZING 602 horse.  He was absolutely stoked that his Stroker was pushing the most hp of all the Powerstrokes that were tested in town.  That truck was his baby, and we want to thank the Ashley Valley Funeral Home for allowing us to take him to his grave in the back of it.  The family got to ride together one last time…and he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  We also want to thank all of his friends for the Smoke Show they did for him at his graveside service.  The wind shifted just as all the diesel smoke started lifting, and caked us ALL.  We know it was him, and that he was getting an absolute kick out of covering us all with black exhaust.

We’ll miss you little brother, but we know you’re in a better place and are not fighting your daily battle.  We love you.  We miss you.  But we know we’ll see you again some day, and we know you’re always with us.  We know you still mess with the dogs and make them bark like you loved to do.  We know it’s you when the lights flicker at your Mom’s house.  We can still feel you around, even if we can’t see you.

And Zachy PLEASE…don’t be teaching any of our future children any bad habits…you know, like how to drift a 7,000 pound truck in a circle in a parking lot   😉

Love you buddy.

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