The Asian lady behind the counter in the MGM Starbucks was abnormally chatty one early WPPI-bound morning and as she asked my name, I shouted it again over the pop song blaring from the speakers above. She writes on the cup with a black sharpie “Lacey” then turns it to show me and asks if it’s correct. I should have just said YES. This woman will never remember me, why would she care how I spell my name? Instead, I blurted, “Actually it only has a Y at the end, but that’s just fine”. I could immediately tell that she felt abnormally bad for the spelling error, which in turn reiterated the fact that I should have just fibbed that it was correct. She rang up my total, then went to take THE cup over to be filled with my iced caramel vanilla latte. She got my muffin for me, and I handed her my debit card. Now, my card usually gets 1 of 2 reactions: 1-they don’t even take a second look at it and I am a little sad they didn’t get to see how cute my little family is, or 2-they see my cute little family printed on my custom debit card and say “wow, those are some big dogs!”. This time was an exception. The adorable lady stared at the the picture, and then finally said, “Is this you?”, and with a huge (slightly home-sick) smile I said emphatically “yes!”. She doted over the picture and over our dogs, and then she asked if I was here for “The Convention”. I told her that was exactly what I was here for and then she started telling me how she had always wanted to be a photographer. I found myself immediately giving her inspiring words that for some reason I have never even told MYSELF. ” Do it!” I nearly shouted, “You are the only one that can hold yourself from what you really want to do”. What?? Where did that come from?? Why can’t I inspire myself that way and be SO sure that I can make it in this vast growing pool of photographers.
As I said goodbye to my new found friend, I walked over to wait for my caffeine masterpiece. As the barista called out my name, and I had the whole spelling debacle replayed in my mind in a split second, I picked up my coffee and noticed that my adorable little Asian friend had taken it upon herself to trash the “wrong” cup and make a new one with the correct spelling in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and also throw in an extra shot of flavoring on the house (bless you!). As I walked to the sitting area, I glanced to my friend as she smiled, waved and shouted “have fun fo me too”, I had a sudden realization how much her gesture meant to me. She must see hundreds of customers a day, so the care she gave to me that morning amazed me only that much more.
A huge thank you to that lady for making me stop and reflect this morning on awesome customer service, and self inspiration.

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  • Alaina - March 3, 2011 - 6:47 am

    Not only are you a talented photographer, you could be an amazing author too! You wrote that like it was a story on a book 🙂 wish I could be so eloquent with words like that.ReplyCancel

  • Megan Reese - March 7, 2011 - 7:04 pm


    You should be a writer as well as a photographer! That was a cute story. I enjoyed reading it.

    PS when is your website going to be done with its tweaking?ReplyCancel

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