The Stratz Family {Utah Family Photographer}

Sometimes we take for granted the most amazing people in our lives.  I’ve been more guilty of that in the last couple years, than I ever have before…and 2012 will be the beginning of more time with my family, and enjoying the amazing people my nephews are growing to be.  One of the beauties of having a public place to put your thoughts is that you can publicly gush over & embarrass your gorgeous sister ;).  There are 4 years between my blonde bombshell of a sister and I (yes, we are full sisters although we don’t look alike), and to say that we had our tiff’s growing up is an UNDERSTATEMENT.  I took the cake when it came to annoying little sisters, and I drove the poor girl CRAZY!  I am pretty sure that all the clawing scars we have, and hair pulling we did was instigated  by something I had done about 90% of the time.  My sister was the coolest person I knew…ok, who are we kidding, she still is.  I stole her clothes and tried to wear them to school.  I used her perfume.  I tried crashing her slumber parties by walking in nonchalantly with my pillow & blanket in-hand, acting like I belonged.  Like maybe they wouldn’t notice me if I was quietly sitting in the corner.  I honestly thought her friends were just as much my friends too, and I just didn’t understand why we couldn’t all play Barbie’s together…when they were in Jr High and I was still in Elementary.  You know, since they were more into listening to “The Sign” by Ace of Base & drooling over Jared Leto on MTV’s My So Called Life, and all of THOSE sorts of things.  Who cares about Ken & Barbie, when you have Mr. Leto, afterall.

Suffice it to say, Amy has been one of the few people I’ve looked up to my entire life.  And I’m so excited to announce that she will also be helping me manage my business in 2012!  There are many behind-the-scenes things that are required to run a legitimate photography business, and during the busy season’s doing everything yourself can create a bottle-neck effect and hinder productivity.

Thank you Amus for always being there for me.  You’re gorgeous, and I love you more than you’ll ever know.  Thank you for being such an amazing sister to me for the last  27 – almost 28 years.  You’ve been there to pull me through the very roughest of times in my life, and I wouldn’t be where I am without you.

Love always, Pester

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