Utah Photographer for Romney/Ryan 2012

I’m not one to get into heated debates about politics. Everyone has different views. That’s what is so great about America!  I feel like my generation (and many before and after our generation) have lost interest in even VOTING.  For me, it’s because it seems that all the the only thing many politicians have in common is LYING.  Ok, maybe lying is a harsh word.  I’ll us “skewing the truth to fit their own agenda’s”.  You don’t know if what they’re telling you is true, or if they’re just saying that to get what an extra vote.  This year, I’m making sure to get out to the poles because after the promises of “Hope” that we heard 4 years ago, I don’t like where we’ve found ourselves at the end of this term.

So I’ll keep this short, and to the point. Here’s who I’m voting for:

No matter WHO you intend to vote for this year, be sure to let your voice be heard!
Do your research, and choose the candidates that are promising to make this beautiful nation what you know it can be.

…and it’s NOT just because I’m from Utah 😉

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