What 2013 will bring

Usually, every new year starts out the same for me.  I start by going over the goals I’ve written down in the Fall, re-organize, take some time to breath after the busy season, go to Vegas for the annual Wedding & Portrait Photographer’s International convention for a creative re-charge, then I make plans for the following year.

But this year has been different.  After losing my favorite Aunt last year in March, my little brother (in-law) in August, and my Grandpa in December…I knew that this year I wanted needed to spend more time with my family.  Life is too short for regrets, and the only thing I’ve regretted in my life the last few years is how little time I’ve spent with my loved ones.
It never failed that after every super-busy Fall season, someone would ask how I was…and after blabbing the ever-so-easily-spouted-and-overly-used, “Super Busy!”…I’d say “next year, I swear I’m not going to take so many sessions”, and every year, I’ve failed.  Every year, instead of being more relaxed, became more crazy than the year before.  Working full time (well…kinda full time – thanks to my in-laws & hubby), shooting most weekends, editing/blogging/posting/delivering images every week night has taken it’s tole.  On me.  On my relationships with family.  On my health.  On being present in the moment.  On my friendships.  So this year, I’m sticking to my guns.  I’m taking the initiative to make myself, my husband, my health & my family the very first priority.

I want to tell my husband, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry that most week nights in the last few years, I was stressed and probably a little pissy and had my nose shoved in my computer instead of sitting on the couch with you watching our favorite shows.  I’m sorry I’ve slacked on my wifely duties and that you’ve had to pick up the slack (you’re a saint for helping me)!  I’m sorry that we’ve missed out on camping trips, Harley rides, movie dates because I had too much to do.  I realize now that I’m not super woman, and that isn’t a bad thing.  Things are changing, for the better!
I want to tell my sister, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry for not spending more time with you, my only sibling.  I’m sorry for not being the Aunt that your boys deserve…after-all, D & I are the only Uncle & Aunt they have.  I’m sorry for not being the fun Aunt that Tam was to us.  I know I can do better, and be as fun as she was.  Things are changing, for the better!
I want to tell my Parents, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry for being too busy to come up for family dinners when you’ve called.  For being snappy and stressed on the phone when you just called to see what I’ve been up to because we hadn’t seen each other in weeks.  I’m sorry for not taking the time to go have fun with you on weekends when you go on family trips.  I’m sorry for not being mentally present in the moment when I did find the time to come visit.  Things are changing, for the better!
To everyone else who has felt the effects of my stress…I’m sorry.  Things are changing, for the better!

So what does all this mean?

  • Yes, Lacy Lange Photography is still in business.  No worries!
  • I’m still taking Family, Senior & Wedding clients.  I’m just taking fewer, and am being selective over which sessions I take.
  • Clients will still receive their images in the contracted time (and actually maybe a little faster this year)!
  • I will be doing more Personal Photography Projects for myself this year, than taking Paying Clients.

I hope everyone understands why these changes need to be made, and I hope you are as excited as I am for these implementations.  Less shoots will mean more attention to detail during your shoots, faster editing, me REMEMBERING things we’ve talked about more, and just a better over-all experience for you.  Please understand that as an artist, my clients and their shoots are my creative-nourishment, which is why I’m being more selective of the sessions I take.  While I need to be a good fit for them, they also need to be a good fit for me and my creative vision.  Thank you all for your support in this leg of my journey!

XOXO,  Lacy

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