What to Wear Wednesday

Will Summer ever get here? We have had clouds, rain & a pretty good wind storm the last week, and to be honest-I’m tired of it. I’m usually so excited when a storm cloud rolls in. I love to curl up and listen to the thunder and have an excuse to make Grandma’s creamed peas & potato soup…but I’m tired of this weather. I’m ready for some warmth & for BBQ season to come on full steam.
I complain about our Winnie-the-Pooh-style “little black rain clouds” & 68 MPH gusts of wind that knocked down a few things here and there around town when all those people in the mid-west are loosing their LIVES in horrible tornado storms!  To all those people: You’re in my prayers! My husband’s Grandparents  & Aunt and Uncle who live in Guthrie, Oklahoma had to load up the family (the horse & the dog included) last night and drive around to miss the tornado  that went through there.  I’m so glad they are safe (although without power & water right now), although others in Guthrie were not as lucky.

Lets try and WILL the beautiful Summer weather  in with a What to Wear Wednesday Post with fun summer pops of color!

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