What to Wear Wednesdays!

Here’s another adorable set of clothing for you to use as inspiration in planning your family pictures!

Also, another few tid-bits of inspiration & guidance to ponder when dressing your family (I was awakened during a recent workshop I attended!):
1) PLEASE try to convince your husband or boy(s) to leave the baseball cap at home and actually do his hair for pictures ;).  I understand the battle you might have on your hands here:  I rarely get to see the top of my husband’s head myself….he’s a ball cap fanatic!  But when someone wears a ball cap in family photo’s their eyes aren’t getting as much light as everyone else’s in the portrait, so they will be very hard to see.  If you’re really prepared, you would even convince him to leave it off during a golf game, or while he’s out working in the yard to try and help get rid of that hat-tan that they get where they’re forehead is so much lighter than the rest of their face!  Just be sure to convince him to use a little sun screen so it doesn’t sun burned! Then you’ll have a whole new set of problems on your hands :).
2) Think COLOR!  The recent workshop I went to was SO much fun!  She focused a lot on COLOR.  Pulling a lot of color into photos is a ton of fun, and it draws everyone’s eye to the subject of the portrait, instead of having them blend into the background.

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