What To Wear Wednesdays-Senior Style!

Many people don’t know WHEN they’re suppose to get their senior pictures done…I was the same way!

Here are a few problems you will run into if you wait until right before Graduation to get your photos done:
1-You may not be able to get an appointment with your favorite photographer as many of us book up months in advance2-If you are able to get into your favorite photographer, you will still need to consider editing time and/or invitation design time
3-Don’t forget about time frames to get your invitations out to friends & loved ones in time for them to make travel arrangements to come be with you on your Graduation day (I recommend sending out invitations at LEAST 3 week prior to your event)
4-You may be forced to do your photos in the Snow (since we live in Utah, and sometimes it doesn’t melt off until Independence Day, lol), or in the early Spring before anything blooms.  If you wait until late Spring, you may not have your photos back in time to get your invitations out
5-You will need to order wallet prints or senior stickers for yearbook signings, so don’t forget to allow time for that

So, what do I recommend?
1-Make contact with your favorite photographer and start the ball rolling on planning your session either at the end of your Junior year, or earlier if you want to be SURE to get in with them
2-Every photographer is different, but I recommend to my clients to do your session while the scenery is still gorgeous out, which would be at the beginning of your Senior Year.  I will rarely take Senior sessions a month or two before they graduate, just because it is too hectic trying to get your images back to you, get your prints ordered, and getting your invitations out
3-Dress in what you’re comfortable wearing, and don’t be afraid to have some FUN with your colors
4-Think about what makes you YOU, and talk with your photographer about what you can do on your session to enhance those fun things about you & your interests, and really make those show through in the images

In the next few weeks, I will be posting a few fun outfit ideas for your photo session!  If you’re looking for a photographer for your session, simply click on the contact section above and shoot me a message to receive more information, or if you’re reading this before May 1st, 2013 go read this post, and submit for a free session!

Here’s the first installment in the Senior’s edition of What to Wear Wednesdays:

XOXO, Lacy

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