WPPI 2012 Recap

For the past couple years, I’ve been lucky enough to receive some amazing education from some of the leader’s in the Photography industry at the Wedding & Portrait Photographer’s International convention in Las Vegas.  This year was amazing, and I’m so glad that I went down again…and I’m already planning my trip for 2013.  I received some amazing advice & education, and now it’s up to me to implement what I’ve learned, which I’ve already started on!
I swore this year that I wouldn’t drag my DSLR camera everywhere I went, and I’d save my back the pain of carrying it around!  But of course, I’m still a Photographer so I documented most of my trip with the trusty iPhone and Instagram (my username on IG is lacylange if you want to check them out)!

With all the amazing classes I attended, the little sleep I got, and all the networking I did, I also had an absolute blast with many of my photo-friends!  I attended the Madera & Victor Sizemore party at the Artisan Hotel, which if you have not seen, you MUST stop by this little Vegas treasure…or maybe even book one of their awesome hotel rooms.  The theme for the party was 1920’s Prohibition Speak-easy, and it was absolutely epic (see the photos from the photobooth here).  They brought in The Petrojvic Blasting Company from L.A. to delight our ears as well – and they were AWESOME!!  Between the venue, the authentic cocktails, the amazing music, dancing The Charleston, and everyone’s attire…we literally felt like we had stepped back in time.  I’m still in awe over it all!  Michale & Victor (and anyone else involved in planning the party), you did an amazing job this year with the party.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with for next year! Also a HUGE thank you to Gillian at  Show Off Las Vegas Costumes for my own costume.  It was amazing, authentic & was an absolute HIT at the party.  And I can’t forget to give a HUGE shout-out to our amazing Hair & Makeup team, Amelia & Alana from Amelia C & Co LLC.  We couldn’t have pulled our look off without you girls!  THANK YOU!  And I’m so glad we got to hang with you guys at the party & at the shoot the day after was well.  I also got to go to Hash House A Go-Go with some friends, and experience chicken & waffles for the very first time!  I have to say…I’m a fan!  Thank you Lacy Dagerath & Stephanie Bachle for such a fun dinner & inviting me to tag along.   After dinner, a few of us ended up walking the strip with some new photo-friends: Mike Colon, Tracy Moore, Leann Neal, Laurie Crutchfield, Edmond Preito, & Daniel Cruz.  Tracy thought we only had a block or so to walk to get to O’sheas to play beer pong….but it ended up being a LOOOOOOOOT longer walk than we had anticipated, but it was a lot of fun playing tricks on people & kicking a sandwich package between all of us and making a game of it to pass the miles we walked!

I also attended the Victor Sizemore shoot again this year while I was down there, which was also an absolute blast.  It started off with taking a huge limo to the baseball fields where we were shooting.  Our models were pretty amazing as well.  Thank you to Victor, Chip & Jared, and also to Kiti & Alexis, you guys were all so much fun to work with.  The outfits were authentic wool baseball outfits from Hollywood, and if the female baseball outfit looks familiar, that’s because it was from the movie, A League of Their Own!!

Here’s a few photos & a slideshow from the shoot:

I have to say the Chip, or “The Babe Ruth look-alike” as my hubby calls him, was my favorite subject of the day.  He was so much fun!

There are so many favorites from the shoot…but I just love the one above.  I love that you can see his cleat stirring up the turf.

I had such a blast this year at WPPI.  A huge shout-out & thank you goes to George & his team for making this possible every year.

Can’t wait for next year so I can have a blast with all my photo-friends again, and to get another chance to learn & advance my Photography career!

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